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TrueFit™ Primary Crowns

Stainless Steel Reliability | Made in USA
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  • “The packaging of the Aderec crowns is DA friendly. The educational material look great for parents. I like the fit, and the prices are competitive with the big companies. I am a little stand-alone office, but we go out of our way to help families. I feel the Aderec folks are on our side in that regard, so that’s why I buy from them. In this age where it seems I have fewer choices, it’s nice to have a new choice I like! If you would like to talk further, call me direct at 970 481 6728 or my email, [email protected]

    — Greg Evans, DDS Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

  • "We use Aderec Truefit Plus stainless steel crowns at our pediatric dental office and love the quality! Sizes are similar to other comparable products without having to relearn a new sizing system, making the transition to Aderec simple. Our assistants find the crown box with latch secure enough to turn over or move around without crowns shifting in the box. Amazing customer service and competitive pricing. We are so glad we made the switch to Aderec Truefit crowns!

    — Hanna S., Registered Dental Assistant

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Durability meets aesthetics.

Introducing TrueFit™ Plus GOLD Pedo Crowns.
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