Meet the TrueFit™
Family of Pedo Crowns.

With three unique product lines, TrueFit™ primary molar stainless steel crowns (SSCs) have your practice covered.

truefit product lines
truefit classic crowns
TrueFit™ Classic

The original with maximum flexibility.

truefit plus gold crowns
TrueFit™ Plus GOLD

An industry standard design gets a new look.

truefit plus crowns
TrueFit™ Plus

Clinical efficiency by design.

  • truefit kit tray

Unite your practice. Reduce errors.

Whether your team speaks in A's and J's or EUR's and EUL's, TrueFit™ has you covered.
Trays that show all types of crown identification make things
simple for all educational backgrounds and experience.

The primary crown case for everyone.

Up your efficiency today with a truly universal tray.

Reduce your chairside time.
Meet TrueFit™ Plus.

Optimized height and belled curvature.
 Lifelike occlusal anatomy.
Tapered cervical margin.

truefit plus pedo crowns
truefit plus tray and box

Take the Guesswork out of Sizing.

Sizing should be simple - Measure, select, and place. 

Time-tested durability with some updates.

Surgical Stainless Steel
High Polish, Low Plaque
Pre-belled or Straight
Autoclave Resistant
ID Mark
Made in USA
Tapered Cervical Margin
Thicker Occlusal Surface,
Prevent Wear Through
Pick your Color:  Gold or Silver
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